Mirai Security is built on the trust we earn from our clients, and that is what we continue to do. We are a collective of expert cyber security professionals who approach security differently and do security better. We work closely with our clients to align cyber security initiatives with their business goals and ensure everything we do enables, protects, advances, and secures the organizations we work with. Our goal is to provide our clients with the cyber security necessary to achieve their goals and grow their business.

The DNA of Mirai Security was forged out of Vancouver’s cyber security community by members who wanted to do security better. The founders of Mirai realized the potential of the community they were a part of and how developing of a security collective with a great culture would naturally attract like-minded cyber security professionals to work as one. Mirai continues to support the security community through sponsorship, mentorship, and recruitment.

Our mission:

provide cutting edge cyber security services and solutions, while growing  a community of information security experts who want to do security better.


  • Aligning the cyber security function with organizations’ business objectives;

  • Developing a cyber security operations strategy to significantly reduce the risk of suffering financial and reputational damages resulting from cyber attacks;

  • Supporting the process to obtain and maintain compliance with legal, statutory, regulatory, and contractual obligations related to cyber security;

  • Establishing highly effective cyber security governance which enables the digital transformation of organizations;

  • Supporting organizations with positioning their cyber security program as a market differentiator and competitive advantage for attracting new customers and investors;

  • Improving the return on investments in the cyber security function of organizations; and

  • Shortening the sales cycle by enabling organizations to quickly respond to security due diligence questions received from prospects.

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