Join the Mirai Collective

Mirai Security’s mission is to harbour a collective of like-minded information security experts who want to do security consulting, better. Coming from the value-added re-seller (VAR) and big consultancy space, Mirai Security was formed to create a community and enable a lifestyle for elite security practitioners that other organizations just can’t.

If you have passion for the art of managing cyber risk and are looking to do cyber security consulting differently, then we want to hear from you.


Application Security

We are looking for individuals with experience with the risk assessment and testing of web and mobile applications. This role would include helping organizations assess the risk of their applications, testing applications and providing remediation recommendations in alignment with industry leading practices.

Candidates should have experience with software architecture and engineering, information security principles and application security testing tools.

#OWASP #DevSecOps #ThreatModeling #SDLC #StaticCodeAnalysis #DynamicCodeAnalysis #CICD


Cloud Security

Cloud is everywhere and yet typically not well architected for security. We are looking for individuals with experience with AWS, Azure or GCP who understand security principals and can help clients improve security architectures, implement technical and procedural controls and leverage the power of cloud to improve a client’s security posture.

#AWS #Azure #GCP #CSA #Scripting #Terraform #Serverless


Security Operations

We are looking for individuals who work within the security operations space. Ideal candidates would have experience with vulnerability management, incident response, security testing and is all in all a geek that likes to tinker.

#InfoSec #SOC #VulnerabilityManagement #IncidentResponse #Geek


GRC Whisperer

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance are the foundational “WHY” and “HOW” digitally-enabled companies manage cyber risk. We are looking for individuals who can translate business needs with security requirements to mature client security and compliance programs.

#GRC #audit #compliance #controls #privacy #risk #frameworks